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Wilmington's home for independent primary care

As primary care providers, we are typically the first people that patients see, whether for an annual check-up or a non-emergent injury or illness. Our job is to help patients be proactive about their health, diagnose any issues early on, provide treatment and counseling when possible, and refer a specialist when necessary.

Well Person Checks and Physicals

Regular check-ins with your primary care physician are an essential part of staying in good health. During the exam, we typically perform a physical evaluation, check vitals, review personal and familial medical history, discuss your current lifestyle and health choices, and give any necessary shots or immunizations. It is also an excellent opportunity to talk about any concerns you might have and to establish a plan to keep you healthy in the years to come.

Treatment of Acute and Chronic Illnesses

Family physicians play a vital role in diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, and arthritis. With an early diagnosis, we can help patients incorporate beneficial changes into their lifestyles, such as diet and exercise, to prevent some issues from worsening. Having a primary care physician who has intimate knowledge of your medical history, lifestyle, and response to previous treatments is always an advantage.


We can administer all of the standard immunizations that keep your family and our community healthy and safe, including: • Diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough (pertussis)(DTaP) • Influenza (flu) • Pneumonia • Shingles


An electrocardiogram is a painless and non-invasive test that records the electrical signals in your heart. An EKG is used to diagnose common heart problems such as abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmias) and blocked or narrow arteries. If you are experiencing chest pain, heart palpitations, a rapid pulse, shortness of breath, dizziness, confusion, or fatigue, we may perform an EKG to evaluate the issue further.

Pulmonary Function Evaluation

Pulmonary function tests measure how well your lungs are working and help diagnose and treat certain lung disorders. Tests measure a range of things, from your lung size and volume to the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are a significant indicator as to how well your body is functioning. Routine lab work can raise early alarms on kidney, liver, thyroid, and heart problems. It can also give insight into how your current medications are working and if adjustments need to be made.

Lipid Analysis

Lipid analysis detects the level of cholesterol in the blood. High levels of cholesterol can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack.

Preventative Care and Counseling

Many people think of going to the doctor when they are already sick. Primary care physicians, however, place a large focus on preventative care. With regular check-ins, we can help with the early diagnosis of acute illnesses and prevent them from becoming a more significant issue. In addition, if you are looking to quit smoking, follow a more nutritious diet, treat your depression, or reduce alcohol use, we can provide counseling and guidance.

Smoking Cessation

Quitting something as addicting as nicotine is not an easy feat. We can provide emotional support alongside nicotine replacement therapy (patches, medication, nasal spray) to give our patients a higher chance of success.

This office is filled with the most caring people ever! My husband & I see Dr Cosgrove who is absolutely the greatest. Always know when you're there he's in no hurry and answers any and all questions. They all make you feel like family, just a wonderful gtroup!

Maggie M.

Amazing and caring practice! I’ve been going here for years and the care and bedside manner is phenomenal. Dr. Cosgrove is my physician and he always listens and cares about his patients. The whole practice is incredible.


Michelle Richardson is awesome. Just recently my wife started seeing her as well. Very concerned about patient well being. We love this practice!

Kent W.

I have been a patient of Dr Leonard’s for many years. You couldn’t ask for a more caring doctor in this city. His bedside manner is so appreciated because he cares about each individual he sees!! I thank you!

Wanda B.

The best physicians group in Wilmington and surrounding areas. Dr. Leonard now sees almost all of my family. He is the best and you can truly tell he cares about his patients. Goes above and beyond, spending time to make sure everything is covered.

Tiff A.

Top notch care. A doctor who fully believes in the power of positive life changes and how they can affect your health. Dr. Leonard takes great care of his patients by helping them learn to take care of themselves.

Josh G.

Top notch group of Doctors. Erin is amazing at what she does and goes above and beyond for her patients. Thank you!

Wil S.

Best bed side manner I've ever experienced. Erin Dills listens to your concerns and works with you on a solution, rather than just assuming they know everything.

Jimmy M.


As primary care providers, there are limits to the treatments and testing that we can provide. When necessary, we refer patients to specialists such as dermatologists, orthopedics, or oncologists. A referral from your PCP is nearly always needed to see a specialist. If we find anything that needs further examination during your visit, we are happy to provide one.